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_DSC6657Well hello everyone and welcome to the very first ManicManc Photography blog.

So what is it i’m going to ramble on about from here on in?… Well, besides the obvious – News and plans about what is happening at ManicManc Photography. I will also be talking, all things photography!

From useful reviews on the kit i own – Cameras, lenses, flashes, computers and software right down to what batteries and camera strap i use. I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on the latest gear that is coming out too. I should point out, i’m not paid by ANY brands to speak / write about their products. I am 100% independent, and the views i express here are exactly that – My views! It’s perfectly okay for you to disagree.

I’ll also be talking about the photography techniques i use and what is trending along with the editing tools i use. When to use them and why. I’m not necessarily going to go into how on the blog. Simply because in the not too distant future i will be conducting video tutorials both on location and in the studio. In addition to that i will also be carrying out editing tutorials!! So some great things lie ahead, i’m sure you will agree.

I’ll even be speaking about, how i go about getting commissioned, customer relationships, shoot Recce’s and work flow. Leading on from that we can then talk about etiquette, the law, copyright. Perhaps most importantly getting paid!

Leading on from that, and another popular subject that i’m always asked about is as a photographer “how much do i charge?” Especially since we live in an age where everybody has a camera of some description and nobody wants to pay a professional photographer. How do we compete with “Uncle John and his DSLR?”

What level of shooting do you want to take your photography to? So many people nowadays are calling themselves a ‘Pro’. What is it that makes someone a pro? I shall be speaking about your decision in becoming a pro photographer, thats it’s not as glamorous as you may think, and it’s extremely unlikely that your going to go out and make your fortune in the first year of trading!!

These are just a few of the things i’ll be discussing and i have a whole host of other topics to discuss.

So what can you expect from me?

Well firstly, im not afraid to speak honestly! I’m not here to wrap things up in cotton wool. I’ll say it as it is and I will be speaking from personal experience with my personal opinions. I hold no loyalty to any particular brands and am completely independent. I am merely here to pass on the benefit of my experience to others. If that helps you in some way, that is fantastic. I’d love to hear about it. Equally i welcome different points of views. As long as it is constructive and not abusive. I say that because i know all too well how passionate photographers become. THAT INCLUDES ME!!! :-)

My blog will be written on a ‘when i can’ basis. Guys you have to appreciate i operate and earn my living  as a pro photographer primarily. That said, i’m going to be setting aside time to writing at least once a week. As a rule, i shall endeavour to publish a blog every Sunday.

You can of course contact me with your thoughts on my ramblings at indeed i welcome any new ideas to discuss too.

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