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For those who already know or have come across Jamie, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that Automotive Photography is without doubt ManicManc Photography’s main speciality which of course also links into editorial photography too. Especially when you consider he lives the biker lifestyle 24/7!!

The style that Jamie brings to this niche in the market is truly unmistakable! His images bring an almost surreal presence and sharpness that allows the viewer to see every single detail in unprecedented clarity. In addition his knowledge and creative use of lighting, both natural and manufactured only adds to this and makes colours ‘pop’!

So what is it ManicManc Photography will photograph? – Well pretty much ANY machine!! Whether that be: Motorbikes (Of any description), Cars, Vans, Boats, Helicopters and even Planes!!! – Indeed it is becoming increasingly popular for ManicManc Photography to receive commissions to photograph factory / production machinery too, because of the level of clarity in Jamie’s work. Although Custom built machines are perhaps most popular to photograph, ManicManc Photography is equally happy to photograph YOUR§ pride and joy too.

Working closely with clients as part of their team, ManicManc Photography really does understand what it is – YOU – the client needs from the photographs produced. Once you have commissioned ManicManc Photography and you have given your brief of what you would like, ManicManc Photography will then conduct intensive research into your architecture or interior design project in order to achieve the very best results that will surpass all your expectations.  This often includes map studies, weather forecast studies, sun / moon state studies, site access / site passes / site liaisons and where necessary – site visits. Pre planning not only ensures the best results, but also keeps disruption to a minimum.



Race, Vintage, Cafe Racer, Bobber, Tracker, Scrambler, Chopper, Street Fighter, Cruiser, Scooter – You name it i’ll Shoot it.


As a specialist in interior design photography, ManicManc Photography has perfected a it’s own technique for this often challenging genre of photography – Indeed it is an art form in it’s own right and attention to detail is the key to a successful shoot. The technique used by ManicManc Photography has been perfected through years of experience and perseverance, and it entails a combination of the highest quality Carl Zeiss optics (used in all ManicManc Photography’s work), a thorough understanding of light and composition, which often means moving objects to look positionally correct on camera as well as an editing style perfected by ManicManc Photography which is a closely guarded secret! Again ManicManc Photography’s on going work with Architects, Interior Designers and Housing Associations is testament to this.

Amongst many other clients  – Multi award winning Irwell Valley Housing Association has been working with ManicManc Photography for the last 3 years on an on going project which is aptly named “Social Housing With Style”. As the name suggests Irwell Valley Housing Association and ManicManc Photography are working in partnership to change public perception of Social Housing and are striving to create better communities throughout Manchester and the North West. This of course involves many genres of photography, but specifically Interior Design. ManicManc Photography has been documenting in the form of a timeline, the transformations of Social Housing Schemes with huge success. So much so the results of this work is now set as a model throughout the UK to which many other Housing Schemes are now also following.

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