Like many other professional photographers this is where ManicManc Photography really started! – Creating Landscape / Cityscape photographs of the local area or allowing the imagination to run wild by creating  fine art photographs. For ManicManc Photography it’s a similar story, however unlike other professional photographers, photographing Cityscape, Landscape and creating Fine Art imagery is still very much a passion here at ManicManc Photography and is proud to remain true to its routes. Indeed time is allocated each week, wherever possible, to photograph something! – Anything that captures the imagination. Being located on the boundaries of Manchester and the Pennines is ideal with both areas being a photographers playground, to practice, hone their skills and try new techniques. Not only does this result in stunning imagery in its own right, but these skills transfer into other areas of professional shoots too. ManicManc Photography has perfected a style that leaves images either jumping out of the screen, but to be really appreciated it is when images are in print that they create that “WOW” factor! Of course a huge amount of work and patience goes into taking great Cityscape and Landscape photographs and editing them. However that is only half of the job – ManicManc Photography has gone that extra mile and studied the science of producing high quality prints, using the latest in print technology with pigment inks rather than dye. Furthermore, using the right paper can make the difference between a good image and a great image! It doesn’t stop there either – Manicmanc Photography also uses a huge array of other mediums such as Aluminium, Acrylics, Wood and of course Canvases that lend themselves in a way that traditional prints cannot.


Of course ManicManc Photography is more than happy to sell customers high quality photo products to its customers of work that has already been carried out. However if you have an idea or would like a bespoke photograph – It could be of your office, or your hotel, your street, even a view from your house – Then do consider giving ManicManc Photography the opportunity to create something that is truly special, rather than that happy snap on your mobile phone. It’s not as expensive as you might think!!


Cityscape and Landscape photography has become somewhat synonymous with ManicManc Photography with it’s unique, punchy and often vibrant, colourful finish. Indeed ManicManc Photography has achieved a number accolades, with work appearing in exhibitions around the UK and Europe. ManicManc Photography is also recognised by the Royal Photographic Society and has attained Distinction with this prestigious organisation. To achieve this ManicManc Photography prides itself on continual development and attention to detail. It’s not uncommon to get up in the early hours of the morning in order to reach a location, and then spend hours patiently waiting for the right moment to capture the shot! Indeed it’s not uncommon to wade through a river, climb a mountain, hang off the side of a cliff or building – Whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Couple this with the use of the highest quality Carl Zeiss optics and Lee Filters along with a thorough understanding of editing software and a creative mind and you have the ingredients for a great Cityscape or Landscape image.


Fine art photography is such a broad genre of photography, since it can fall into practically every area of photography and is open to all different kinds of interpretation depending on your personal tastes and perspectives. This is no different for ManicManc Photography – Indeed there are Landscape, portraits, scenes and composite images that all fall into the category of Fine Art Photography. So how does one categorise a photograph as Fine Art? – From ManicManc Photography’s point of view an image or scene that has been fabricated from the imagination or deliberately given an aesthetic look that is different to what is or was, would in many cases, (Not All) qualify as fine art photography. So how does ManicManc Photography go about creating a Fine Art Photograph? – Well, like the Cityscape and Landscape Photography all manner of techniques and tricks are used. Of course there is digital enhancement and manipulation methods used, and to great effect. However ManicManc Photography strives to keep things as organic as possible, through the use of good lens selection, optical filters as opposed to digital, light manipulation and tricks like long exposure to show movement or attracting more light through the lens, as well as freeze framing to seize a moment or movement. Often a combination of the afore mentioned will be used to achieve the desired effect. The only boundary is ones imagination!!


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