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How It All Started

From Shooting A Rifle To Shooting A Camera

Having served a lengthy career as an infantryman in the British Army, Jamie Rowland has had the privilege to serve all over the world. America, Canada, Kenya, Belize, Cyprus and the Middle East are to name but a few places he has visited. It was during Jamie’s military service that he first developed a real interest and an eye for photography documenting his travels through the power of imagery. In 2004 Jamie decided to trade shooting his rifle for shooting with a camera and settled where he grew up, back in Manchester. Trying his hand at a couple of business ventures, he also began to study photography in his spare time and honed his skills tirelessly, by exploring as many avenues as possible in this wonderful art. 2011 Jamie began to see the fruits of his labour with some of his work being chosen to appear on the front of a book - An anthology entitled ‘Courage & Strength’. The contributions to the book were made by fellow veterans, all of whom were suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and this indeed included Jamie. With the book came Jamie’s first significant exhibition at Guildford Cathedral. Little did Jamie realise that this would be the start of something special - The development of a career as a professional photographer.

ManicManc Photography Is Born

The Start Of Something Special

In 2012 ManicManc Photography was born and for the next two years Jamie began to calve a name for himself and his brand in the commercial sector - Covering architecture, interior design and commercial events. He often works with many well known and award winning architects, construction companies and housing associations. By night Jamie also works hard covering music festivals, live events, bands, performing arts and promo work. In the little spare time he has, he also continues to develop his landscape photography skills. Prestigious clients on his customer base include - Working with larger organisations locally - Such as 'Tameside Council Arts & Culture Services' and 'Irwell Valley Housing Association' and 'Warwick University'. Smaller local business's include the multi award winning 'JDA Architects', 'ARC Universal' web development and media marketing as well as the stunning girls from 'Just Stilts' entertainment. Larger nationally recognised organisations include, Vevo Promotions as well as editorial work for various national magazines. ManicManc Photography is also proud to photograph the British Army Rugby League Team, the latest shoot being the 2016 Kit Launch which was also filmed by Lencarta Studio Lighting Products as a promo special.

The Royal Photographic Society

Setting The Highest Standards

However, as much as ManicManc Photography is gaining a firm footing as a business, Jamie feels that because he is a self taught photographer it makes sense for him to put a unit of measure onto the level of photography he is producing from an unbiased point of view. So to that end, he joined the prestigious Royal Photographic Society - The oldest (1853) and only photographic society to have royal patronage. It is here that Jamie learned how to structure bodies of work properly, as well as improving his photography, and it wasn't long before he started to feature in exhibitions around the UK and Europe. In 2015 Jamie decided to go for his first distinction with the society - The Licentiate (LRPS). This is the first of three distinctions that can be achieved through the society. The second is the Associateship (ARPS) and the third being the holy grail of all distinctions, the Fellowship (FRPS). Each of these difficult and challenging awards give successful students letters after their name and are all globally recognised within the industry. Not only did Jamie pass the LRPS with flying colours, but the Royal Photographic Society also asked to borrow his submission for the next year to exhibit around the UK, and to show other students of what can be achieved, and the high standards expected in submissions! What greater compliment could there be? This undoubtedly gave Jamie the answers he needed in terms of his abilities and that he is moving in the right direction. Jamie is currently working towards his next distinction the ARPS and is due to have his next body of work assessed in October! So watch this space and wish him luck!

RPS Panel Submission for LRPS Distinction

Photo courtesy of Dodgy Dave Tindall

Defining Direction

A Unique Style And Distinctive Finish

As Jamie's photography experience has deepened and become more vast, it is only a natural progression for a unique style to evolve. Indeed Jamie's work is described by the Royal Photographic Society as "Creative and imaginative with a presence that packs a punch". Couple this with Jamie's other passion of motorbikes and the biker scene, it makes sense that Jamie would start to put that unique style to good use and photograph everything that is considered the 'Biker Scene'. In fact Jamie's bikes have become synonymous with ManicManc Photography as he travels up and down the country. Jamie's ManicManc Photography covers some of the country's largest and most prestigious biker events. For instance - For the last 3 years ManicManc Photography has had the pleasure to be one of the 'Official Photographers' for the now famous 'Ride To The Wall' (RTTW) - An annual pilgrimage that see's 20,000 bikers make their way to the 'National Memorial Arboretum' (NMA) in the Midlands to pay their respects to the fallen. It's worth noting that it isn't just large scale events and rallies that ManicManc Photography covers. To the contrary Jamie also covers smaller local events, club photos, individual portraits of riders and their bikes, trikes and scooters (lets face it we all love to pose with our beloved machines!). ManicManc Photography also does quite a bit of editorial work around the scene too, providing images for features in national Magazines. Jamie's talents don't stop there either! His style also sees increasing demand from dance troops and the alternative performing arts / scene. Cyber punk, goth and burlesque, alternative weddings and funerals are just some of the other areas ManicManc Photography now shoots on a regular basis, with access to professional models and studios on hand should they be required. So there you have it! Just an insight into Jamie and ManicManc Photography. I don't think anyone can deny that his hard work, perseverance and tenacity is beginning to pay off. Whatever the future holds, i'm sure it is bright for ManicManc Photography!

Photo Courtesy of Dave Holland

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